Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Last Days"

This is a full view of the piece Last Days, which I created for Seth Apter's recently published book, The Pulse of Mixed Media (pg. 131).  It was created in response to the author's prompt: "What is your biggest fear?"


  1. Congratulations, Robert! It's a wonderful piece of work, and as Karen said, it doesn't make me feel bad the "last days" at all!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Leslie! I have really enjoyed being a part of Seth's book. His amazing vision has become a reality!

  3. congratulations, robert! i absolutely love this piece -- it's actually one of my favorite pages in the book (and you're just above my dear friend lisa). it always amazes me how emotions portrayed in art can be so beautiful, even fear.

    alicia (alteredbits.wordpress.com)
    for some reason blogger hates wordpress people so i have to comment via a fake profile

    1. Thank you, alicia! I loved Seth's post on you and your work on his blog, yesterday. What you are able to accomplish seems quite the heroic achievement: having a number of wonderful (but, I'm sure, sometimes time-consuming) connections to other artists; running an online, mixed media, art store; creating an invitational project that supports a great cause; all the while creating your own art in your own, singular, style! It's enough to make the rest of us feel like total slackers! BTW, has the deadline for 'The Tallest Handmade Book in the World Project' already taken place? If not, I'd like to join.

  4. Glad you posted the full view Robert. Everybody should see this meaningful piece!

  5. Congrats on having your work in the book! there's much to look at and ponder in this piece; I feel it's speaking to me.

  6. Hi, Sharmon- I just read the post called 'What is Art, Really' on your blog, and enjoyed it immensely. Lots to think about, there! Wandered around 'true adventures of an art addict' for awhile, and now, have it bookmarked! Thanks for your words about 'Last Days'. I felt honored to have a piece of my artwork included in the book!