Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Sketchbook

"and when the war was over"

This is an example of the kind of collage and mixed media pieces I frequently create in my sketchbook.  They tend to be a lot more "spare," with more white space surrounding the imagery, than many of the more formal pieces I create as separate works.  In my sketchbook, there are no "rules," and because of that, it is the place where I feel totally free to explore; to both create, and to destroy.  It is also the place where some of my most creative ideas germinate and begin to grow, so, in the long run, it becomes a wonderful resource for other creative pursuits.  I have not made the time to work in my sketchbook, much, lately, and, when this happens, I find myself less happy; more on-edge.  It is something that I need to change!  And, soon!